• To the sadhaka who is committed to the path of action prescribed in the scriptures, Samvit is the ascending staircase of precious gems leading to the Supreme fruitfulness of life.
    To the intellectual seeking to discover the spiritual wealth hidden in the scriptures, She is the magical unguent collyrium bestowing divine sight. To the mystic who thirsts for the bliss of communion with God, Samvit appears as the graceful divine Guru.
    May that all-pervading light of samvit be revealed in our hearts always.
  • You have listened to the Guru
    only to the extent you have
    put his preaching into practice
  • The Guru is a bridge between
    Jeeva and Ishwara
  • Ice is nothing but frozen water,
    So the world is nothing but ‘Ishwara’
  • Actions are for the purification of mind,
    but self can be realised only by knowledge.
  • Doubting your own faith is
    like scratching the soil constantly
    to see if the sown seed is sprouting or not.