Autumn Leaf

Poem Written on 08 Nov 2017 by Chidaabha Vyas.

This morning on a walk I marveled at the beauty of falling Autumn leaves.

Tonight reading of your passing I AM the autumn leaf.

There is no beauty anymore in being adrift.

No roots no home no hand on my head.

No one to run to when life shows its teeth.

A judgment I trust blindly.

For the first time in 35 years I know what it is to be an adult.

To be on your own.

I know what you would say....

Guru is not a body. Guru is always with you.

But now I must work to find you when I could just walk up to see you.

Please do not move on to a better place that’s too far away.

Move on to a place where you can be with us all the way.