Tarunayan Trekking & Ashtmurti Upasana

Tarunayan Trekking & Ashtmurti Upasana at Mt Abu

Tarunayan Trekking & Ashtmurti Upasana
On 24 June Tarunayan’s youths along with Pujya Swamiji and great mountaineer and social worker Sri Kiran Bhai Chavda went to Craig’s point
On the request of Youths Sri Kiran Bhai Chavda , an Administrator, Managing trustee of Lokniketan Ratanapur ( An institution for welfare of Rural and Tribal welfare ) , Mountaineer and Social worker went to Craig point to share the insight youths should have while moving in Jungle.
He asked to be sensitive towards the Flora fauna and wild life and respect every plant and all the creatures . Kiran Bhai told “ while moving in Jungle observe the Mother nature and be silent inside and outside too”
This session was followed by a beautiful blissful meditation session under the guidance of Pujya Swamiji which elevated to all participants to newer heights. Also Pujya Swamiji motivated youths to connect themselves with nature and feel the beauty of nature wherever they go .
All the Tarunayan Youth along with few Samvit Sadhaks had great trekking trip and got deeper insights towards the life and the Jungle .
The trekking brought a new energy to the Tarus, inspiring them to go for trekking regularly !