The story of Samvit Sadhanayana begins in the later fifties, when charmed by the spiritual atmosphere of Mountt Abu and the divine presence of Mata Arbudadevi.Poojya Swami ji decided to continue his intense sadhana there in solitude. Abu presence itself as a replica of Kailasha the recorded song of Shri Dakhshinamurthy's melodious silence.

The motto of Samvit Sadhanayana is taken from the Mundakopanishad, and is a universal call to man. It means you be one with that. It is born of conviction that vedanta alone can lift this country and preserve its pristine glory.

Acharya Shakara , to whom the Sadhanayana is dedicated proved this by rebuilding the entire nation based upon vedanta. And this experiment has been confirmed by an unbroken line of great leaders, both in Sanyasa and the social traditions like Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Aurobindo, Gandhi Ji, and Tilak.

The technique of being with the truth at all levels of life has been developed as an art through the entire history of Indian Culture, whether the situation be spiritual or material. Samvit Sadhanayana wants to bring the unconscious force of that tradition to the conscious level. With the onslaught of technology, the danger of losing the mystic element has to be avoided at any cost. And so, the ancient approach has to be revived in social setting.