Musings - by Shri Sudhir Shroff

11 Sep 2020
by Nidhi Chandel

Resilience through Altruism

 Yesterday evening a very dear friend of mine very nostalgically shared some memories of his extremely difficult early life full of struggle and strife. Also, he recounted how because of his frugal financial condition people mistreated him. All these bitter and challenging experiences, rather than making him cynical, made him all the more sensitive towards the suffering of fellow beings and inspired him to go out of his way to bring a smile on every soul who comes in his life.
          Today morning, with his heartfelt words resonating in my mind, I went for my daily walk in the gardens. There the trees shared with me the same story! 
Penetrating the harsh unyielding rocks,
and bearing the vagaries of weathers extreme;
valuing with gratitude
every single drop of water,
every single ray of sunshine,
The luxuriant serene tree,
Looking deep in my eyes,
with its voice full of love, 
bared his soul to me,
"Mindful of my humble beginning,
and a life full of striving,
Tuned to the sorrows of the needy
through my own suffering,
I give back,
with all my love,
my all,
to all."
As I walked out of the garden in deep contemplation, a soft voice whispered in my ears -
"Fret not", 
whispers Sorrow to me,
"I am a gift of the Divine;
You discover 
your fortitude
your resilience 
and your compassion,
Above all,
you discover your love for the Divine;
The hammer-blows chisel your will,
Your healing touch heals you too,
You live with fullness,
You live with love,
You truly live."
Silent, I muse, I walk on...